by Robert B. Sherman.
This is a specially prepared video created specifically for today's anniversary.  The soundtrack is the audiobook of "DACHAU" an important chapter in Dad's autobiography:  MOOSE: CHAPTERS FROM MY LIFE.  


Below, is part 3 of Robbie Sherman’s 3-part blog about his visit to Pinewood Studios commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the theatrical film release of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  

Chitty Turns 50!

Below, is part 2 of Robbie Sherman’s 3-part blog about his visit to Pinewood Studios commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the theatrical film release of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  

Walking With Giants returns in 2018

On 14th January 2018 Robbie will once again offer a very personal Sherman Brothers Walking and Trolley tour of their home town, Beverly Hills,  On the tour, Robbie will share his perspective as the son and nephew, respectively of the legendary Disney songwriting team of Robert B. Sherman and Richard M. Sherman.

How did A Spoonful of Sherman come about?

A Spoonful of Sherman, which premiered in 2014, returns to the London stage in August. In the first in a series of show blogs, Robbie Sherman recalls how the original concept came about.

Robbie Sherman in conversation with... BroadwayWorld

Marianka Swain recently interviewed Robbie for leading theatre website in connection with the release of the Bumblescratch London Concert Cast Recording, which is also now available on iTunes. Here are some of our favourite excerpts (plus links to the full interview).

Every picture tells a story: The photos in Moose

In the third of a series of blogs to tie in with the release of the MOOSE audio book, Robbie remembers how much effort - and emotion - went into collecting the photographs that form such an important part of his father's story.

Recording Moose: Dad’s words in my voice

In the second of a series of blogs to tie in with the release of the MOOSE audio book, Robbie recalls the process of recording more than eleven hours of reading aloud and the voices in his head, including his father's and Walt Disney's.

Why make and collect Original Cast Recordings?

The BUMBLESCRATCH Official Cast Recording (OCR) is officially released today! To celebrate, in this second in a series of CD-related blogs, Robbie considers the importance of making OCRs and why they're so collectable.

EPCOT Center: One Little Spark!

EPCOT Center holds special memories for Robbie, who was a teenager when his father and uncle were working on music for the Kodak Pavilion opening. As part of his Disneyana Fan Club trip to Disney World this week, he recalls one little spark memory...

Walking With Giants - Florida-style

How did a childhood spent on the move influence the Sherman Brothers' songwriting? That's a subject that Robbie explores in this year's Walking With Giants event for the Disneyana Fan Club.

On the march: This year’s Disneyana excursion

Robbie is in Florida this week with the Disneyana Fan Club. He's got a busy schedule over the next few days, with the annual Walking With Giants event, "It's a Small World" talk, a marching band first and a return to EPCOT Center...

Moose was my father’s final great work

In the first of a series of blogs to tie in with the release of the MOOSE audio book, Robbie explains how the book came to be and how important it was to his father, despite its posthumous release.

The making of the Bumblescratch CD

In this first in a series of blogs on the BUMBLESCRATCH cast recording, Robbie looks back on the intense work that went into creating the release and some difficult decisions, not least to do with the physical limitations of a CD.

Of our time: Untrustworthy narrators and despicable protagonists

To coincide with today's announcement of SimG Records' upcoming release of the BUMBLESCRATCH cast album, we're sharing this timely foreword that Robbie wrote as the foreword for booklet that accompanies the CD. Watch out over the coming days for more on the creative process behind the album.

Bumblescratch cast album released in time for Christmas

Here's the press release from SimG Records on Robbie's album news:

Just in time for Christmas! On Monday 19 December 2016, SimG Records, the leading independent British label devoted to new musical theatre writers and artists, is to release BUMBLESCRATCH.

New audio book version of Robert B. Sherman's MOOSE released

Here's the publisher's press release on this exciting development...

First published to critical acclaim in hardback in 2013, MOOSE  is the definitive autobiography by Academy Award Winning Songwriter Robert B. Sherman, the man Walt Disney called ’The Poet’. This Christmas, MOOSE is released as an audio book for the first time in a special version narrated by his son and editor of the book, Robert J. Sherman.

Robbie makes VIP appearance at Musical Theatre Masterclass

After working with Michael Xavier on BUMBLESCRATCH in September, Robbie was delighted to be invited as a special VIP guest speaker at Michael's pioneering Musical Theatre Masterclass. Here's more information on this great programme and Robbie's participation...

What makes a family musical?

I've been pondering this question with less than a week to go before BUMBLESCRATCH premieres at the West End's Adelphi Theatre. My father would always refer to the musicals that he wrote as “family musicals” and not “children's musicals”. Of course the two aren’t mutually exclusive, but there is a significant difference...

Four Melbournes: The redemption of the unredeemable

BUMBLESCRATCH is an allegory in that several of the characters represent aspects of the protagonist's personality. Even London itself behaves as a reflection of Melbourne. The crumbling, disease-ridden city provides an appropriate backdrop. I sometimes refer to “The Four Melbournes”which exist in the world of the story…

The challenges of writing sung-through musicals

BUMBLESCRATCH is a sung-through musical. Since I was small, I knew that I wanted to follow in my father’s, uncle’s and grandfather’s footsteps and write musicals. But one piece of unchartered territory, at least for Shermans, was writing sung-through musicals (or opera). So I made it my goal that I would one day write one! And it’s been a sort of bucket-list challenge for me ever since.

Notes on Bumblescratch's four lead characters

As rehearsals officially begin today (18 August 2016) in London for BUMBLESCRATCH, here are quick character studies of the four lead rats and a few details you may not already know about the actors playing them: Darren Day, Jessica Martin, Michael Xavier and Ilan Galkoff. Character development like this always starts as handwritten notes from my library of red notebooks. I daren't tell you what volume I'm up to now!

Bumblescratch research resources and London locations

I'm a bit of a history buff so it was fun researching 17th-century London for BUMBLESCRATCH. I went on several walking tours of London and read a few books, including Peter Ackroyd’s London, excerpts from Samuel Pepys’ diaries and Peter Jackson’s London Bridge: A Visual History. Did you know there have been about seven London Bridges since the Romans built the first one about two thousand years ago?

How isolation and the plague inspired Bumblescratch

BUMBLESCRATCH was something I felt compelled to write. It's about the plague of London. I started writing it in 2004 and finished the first draft four years later. There were a couple projects in between, so in total it was a good three years of work.

We have a new Perry to follow in Sebastian Croft's footsteps

We have a full cast for BUMBLESCRATCH’s West End premiere on 4 September. And I’m particularly excited by the casting of the child actor Ilan Galkoff, who will follow in the footsteps of Sebastian Croft in the role of Perry – a part I first saw him for three years ago.
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