We’re all very proud of how the new EPK looks!  An EPK (Electronic Press Kit) is basically a preview meant to let audiences know a little bit more about a show.  Our EPK is no different in that sense.  But it’s a hell of a good one!  

Our videographer, Matt Titterton, with whom I’ve worked on many projects over the past few years, has done his usual stellar job making the EPK look and sound so great!  Of course he had the help of some wonderful choreography from our director/choreographer, Stewart Nicholls and our costume and set designer, Gabriella Slade, who has outdone herself, yet again as is plain to see from the EPK.  Rowland Lee’s tight musical and vocal arrangements also make the show very special.  There’s hardly a score out there today with as nuanced a vocal arrangement as Spoonful possesses!  Chris Withers' lighting design and Dan Higgott’s sound design add greatly to the show too.  

Lastly the performers themselves Glen Facey, Mark Read, Jenna Innes, Sophie-Louise Dann and Ben Stock have all worked so hard, breathing life into the words I scripted and the songs my Grandfather, father and uncle, and I wrote, spanning 100 years of songwriting.  

I’m currently up in Aberdeen, Scotland for the next two days then I’m off to the Scottish Highlands, just a little more to the north and the east; to Inverness.  I must say, the journey here has been a melancholy one.  You see when my Dad and I made the move to London, back in 2002, we created a new tradition, visiting Inverness by overnight sleeper train once or twice a year, and we did it without fail each year.  We both loved that journey.  I made almost the same journey last night (only diverting first to Aberdeen).  

Today is poignant for me for a confluence of reasons.  You see, A Spoonful of Sherman was really born four years ago as a book launch concert for my father’s posthumously released memoirs, Moose: Chapters From My Life.  The show was so successful back in 2014 that it suddenly took on a whole new life of its own and today, March 6, 2018 marks the sixth anniversary of my father’s actual passing – and here I am, on tour with the cast of a show.  It’s strange the roads life takes us down.  

You can see more from the tour here: www.aspoonfulofsherman.com