Robert Jason ("Robbie") Sherman is a London-based songwriter and bookwriter. His recent stage musicals include Love Birds, Bumblescratch and A Spoonful of Sherman, a cabaret which he wrote, narrated and produced that celebrates over ninety years (three generations) of the Sherman family songwriting legacy. New outings for all three will be announced in 2016.

Born in Los Angeles in 1968 to Joyce and Robert B. Sherman, Robbie is the youngest of four siblings. Stemming from a long line of songwriters and composers, spanning more than four generations, at 16, Robbie became one of the youngest songwriters ever invited to join BMI and is an alumni of the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop.

At 18, he wrote songs for the musical A Christmas Held Captive (Beverly Hills Playhouse). Subsequently, Sherman has written songs and/or scripts for various film, stage and TV productions. Projects include: The Adventures of Amazon Jack (Columbia tristar), The Magic 7 (Pulse Entertainment), The Penguin Pirate and Inkas the Ramferinkas (an animation musical film).  

2014 also saw the publication of Moose: Chapters From My LifeRobert B. Sherman’s posthumously released autobiography, which Robbie edited for his father. He also provides the voice and music for the Moose audiobook.

Robbie is the CEO/President of Music World LLC and Music World UK. He is also Trustee of the Robert B. Sherman Family Estate and Archives, which includes one half of The Sherman Brothers and Al Sherman estates.

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