There’s one anecdote from Dad’s EPCOT period (1980-1983) that always makes me a smile. Dad came into my room one evening when I was about 13 and asked if I would loan him my slide-whistle.  

I had a few different “gimmick” instruments lying around.  He explained: “I need to borrow the slide-whistle for a recording session tomorrow.”  I happily gave him the whistle and he took it into the studio the following day.

The recording he would later bring home for the family to hear was for a song called: “One Little Spark” and it has since become an iconic song to Disney Imagineers who create all the wonderful rides and attractions at the parks.  Indeed it is my understanding that they consider it to be their “unofficial theme song”. 

It may very well be that “One Little Spark” is now the quintessential song about creativity and the creative process.  But when you listen to it, you’ll also hear MY slide-whistle on the track.  It goes like this:

"One little spark of inspiration
Is at the heart of all creation.
Right at the start of everything that's new.
One little spark – [slide whistle] –
lights up for you.
Imagination. Imagination. A dream can be a dream come true.
With just that spark – [slide whistle]
from me and you."

“One Little Spark” Music & Lyrics byRichard M. Sherman & Robert B. Sherman©1982 Wonderland Music Company  (BMI)