Robbie led the group on a walking and trolley tour of Beverly Hills perusing the old houses, schools, offices, thoughtful spots and restaurants of the Sherman family since they first arrived in California in 1937.

COLLECTABLE PINS and other souvenir items were given to participants in the WALKING WITH GIANTS weekend including a YOU'LL WALK IN THE SUN (50th Anniversary Pin).  

"You'll Walk In The Sun" was a song first written as a "wedding proposal" poem by Robbie's father, ROBERT B. SHERMAN to his then future wife JOYCE in 1953. A couple of years later, RICHARD SHERMAN set his brother's poem to music.

A decade after that, in 1965, DEAN JONES recorded the song. 2015 marks the recording's 50th anniversary. Dean Jones passed away earlier this year.  The pin features an illustration of Joyce Sherman's face.