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Written by Robbie Sherman, "Disneyana!" is the Official Theme Song of the Disneyana Fan Club (DFC).  Founded in 1984, the DFC is the longest operating society of Disney enthusiasts in the world and is a worldwide, charitable (non-profit) organization.

In 2015, Robbie wrote the Official Disneyana Theme Song. This official release is performed by the Liberty Voices who have been singing collectively at The American Adventure at Epcot Centre since 1984.  In this video, Robbie and the Liberty Voices introduce the Disneyana! song to the world.

In addition to this musical arrangement, a barbershop quartet arrangement of the new Disneyana theme song, arranged by Jamie Ray, was also performed by the world renowned Dapper Dans at the live inauguration of the song during Disneyana’s annual convention in July 2015. This event was celebrated in Anaheim, California and coincided with Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary.
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